Kumamoto Strawberry “Yuubeni” 2017winter

Representative existence of Kumamoto’s strawberry “Yuubeni” Finally the season has arrived!

Product name: Strawberry
Breed: Yuubeni
Country of Origin : Kumamoto Prefecture,Japan
Grade: Shuu(Grande)
Spec: 3L abt10 ~ 12pcs/pack
Weight: 270g/pack(Net)
Reference price: @JPY620/pack(@JPY1240/box) *as of Nov.30th,2017
Reference price: @JPY480/pack(@JPY960/box) *as of Jan.30th,2018
Terms of trade: FOB Osaka Kansai International Airport.
Minimum order : 600 packs(300 boxes)
Capacity: 600 packs(300 boxes) over per day.
Terms of payment: Advance(Prepaid). Cash, T/T,Bank transfer.
Delivery:After confirmation of payment within 5 days.

Features: Large grains of new varieties and high Brix.
Use: for gift or home use.
Sales: Hong Kong, Japan’s department stores and supermarkets customer etc.