We support Japanese agricultural fishery products, excellent products, technology etc. and business development with overseas.

Today, as globalization progresses, we will transmit our excellent products, technologies, services, etc. to the world and support overseas business of SMEs.

Experienced staff will support overseas new customer development, trade practice, logistics cost reduction of import and export etc.

It is also possible to prepare feasible tools from a low budget.
With the construction and operation of the multilingual website, we have consulted and negotiated contracts with overseas new customers within 6 months.

Cross-border e-commerce is popular nowadays, but as a business operator, I will keep in mind that it will send out excellent Japanese stuff overseas and become a bridge to business.

Business contents

We support business support with overseas and information dissemination to overseas.

Business support with overseas

Based on 30 years of trade experience and residing in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Hangzhou) experience,
Match the needs of overseas buyers and the needs of suppliers in Japan.

We support the development of overseas business for small and medium enterprises in Japan.
We will also support import from overseas. From trading business to logistics cost reduction,
Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Service provision case:
· New customer development
· Buyer / negotiate with supplier
· Overseas market survey
· Trade Practice
· Logistics on import and export
· Product development
· Translation business
· Outsourcing agreement
· Agency business

Handling record:
fresh agricultural products, processed foods, food processing machinery and others.

Import record: China, Taiwan.

Export record: Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, UK.
(In negotiations: Canada, EU, and others.)

Major items handling export

· Strawberry airlift, pallet unit, flat tray, 16,000 packs / month
· Apple shipping, 20/40 FT container unit
· Peach Airlift, pallet unit
· Shine Muscat, Pione, Pear, Persimmon, Melon and others

Support for dissemination of information to overseas

We are also constructing and managing multilingual website.
It is my great pleasure if we can help you even though it is very powerful today, where cross-border EC is popular.

Applicable languages: Japanese, Mandarin, Taiwanese, English

Qualification: Ability qualification test of WEB Creator, Obtain senior qualification
Registration: Judicial Interpreter (Mandarin, Taiwanese) of Fukuoka Prefectural Bar Association

Skills & Achievements:
· PhotoShop
· Illustrator
· HTML & CSS coating
· Construction and operation of WordPress website
· Construction and management of EC site
· SEO measures, listing advertisement
· LP production
· JavaScript etc

Top page display of items on food-related for search result by Yahoo and Google.
Renewal website and creation Chinese homepage for law office..
Building and operating multilingual website.

Operator: Global Leaves
Representative: Kenichi Okina
Address: 15-16,1-chome,Bashaku,Kokurakita-ku Kitakyushu-city,802-0077,Fukuoka,JAPAN