Happy Chinese New Year

In the Greater China region such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Southeast Asia, there is a custom of celebrating the Spring Festival (New Year) on January 1st of the lunar calendar.

This year, the solar calendar 16th February (Friday) is the first day of the lunar calendar, and lively celebrations are held everywhere.

A lot of 4 character idiom in greetings in the streets …


・春節愉快(Chūn jié yu kuài) Happy Spring Festival

・新年快樂(Xīn nián kuài lè) Happy new year

・鶏年大吉(Jī nián dà jí) Great good luck of the rooster year

・恭禧發財(gōng xǐ fā cái)Wish you become rich

・萬事如意(wàn shì rú yì)Everything will be what you want


And please don’t forget to say

・身體健康!!(shēn tǐ jiàn kāng)Be in good health