In today’s world of globalization, we will support the overseas business of small and medium-sized enterprises by disseminating Japan’s excellent products, technologies, and services to the world.
Experienced staff will support you in developing new customers overseas, trading practices, and reducing logistics costs for imports and exports.

We also have tools that can be realized from a low budget.
With abundant experience and personal connections, as well as the construction and operation of a multilingual website, we have a track record of consulting from new overseas customer development to business negotiations (agent), contracts, trade business guidance, export procedures, and payment collection within 6 months.

As an example of a track record of attracting online customers in Japan,
By renewing the website of B to B companies, marketing analysis after building a new WEB system, and attracting customers, we have a track record of increasing the number of new access users by 6 times and conversion by 2.5 times in a minimum of 3 months. In addition, major search engines such as Google and Yahoo! Japan have high-ranking rankings by keyword search. (1st place or 1 page display)

Nowadays, cross-border EC is popular because it is indispensable to disseminate information, but please do not hesitate to support matching of excellent products, technologies and services of individuals, groups and companies with domestic and overseas, and to be a bridge for your business.

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